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Safe Pickup

Fast, Safe and Free Towing. We can usually get your car picked up in 24-48 hours and sometimes the same day

Tax Deductible

Plus we can often improve your donated vehicle which increases your tax deduction amount.

Help a Charity

We get the highest possible funds for your charity. Let us know what charity you would like to help.



Ask for Harold

Owner and Founder


Choose your Charity!

Your car donation supports charity programs giving help to kids, animals, churches, and many others.


Helping Kids

You can have your car donation support different charity activities and programs around the nation.


Partnering with Pablove Foundation

Fighting childhood cancer with love


Partnering with Labrador Rescuers

Their main focus is on the rehabilitation and betterment of the dogs.


Partnering with Little Tokyo Service Center

Founded in 1979, Little Tokyo Service Center is a nonprofit charitable organization serving Asian and Pacific Islanders.


We're not the biggest, only the best.

Helping People Help Charities Since 1997


Directly from Harold, Founder.

Free Towing

Simple and convenient: Towing is always free!

Fast Pickup

We can usually get your car picked up in 24-48 hours and sometimes the same day (depending on location).

DMV Paperwork

All DMV paperwork is handled by us!

You Choose a Charity

Choose from our list of charity partners or select one of your own.

Highest IRS tax deduction

We can often improve your donated vehicle which increases your tax deduction amount.

Your Charity receives more

We get the highest possible funds for your charity.

Cars, Trucks, Vans...

And some boats and motorhomes accepted.

Junk Cars...

Disabled cars, even wrecks are gladly accepted.

No Title? No Problem!

We handle most title issues.

Failed Smog Check?

Not a problem!

Personal & Caring Service

You receive personalized service to ensure your donation experience is a good one!
Cars can be located in most parts of the US.
California registration: FP0002286
Florida registration: SS43138

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Some FAQs

Are there any costs for me to donate my car?


Can I donate my car even if it’s not running or has been crashed?

Absolutely! We get top dollar for non-runners and wrecks.

My car will not pass a smog check, can I donate it?

Never a problem! You can donate a car that will not pass a smog check.

How long does it take to pick up my car?

Usually 24-48 hours and sometimes the same day depending on location.

How long has your company been doing this?

We have been helping charities with car donations since 1997.


This could answer some of your questions:

  • We pick up the cars and handle all DMV paperwork.
  • Towing is always free to the donor.
  • Some cars get repaired if cost-effective to increase the selling price, not only giving the charity more money but providing a larger tax deduction to the donor as allowed by the IRS.
  • Having worked in the car repair industry for decades gives Harold the capability to evaluate each vehicle.
  • Many cars get detailed which involves a full cleaning inside and out which increases eye appeal and gives us higher selling prices.
  • Some cars get sold for parts.
  • Donor is issued a receipt for the tax deduction along with any required IRS forms.
  • Cars can be located just about anywhere in the US.
  • Cars can be in just about any condition.
  • Missing title? We can handle most situations.
  • The process is fast and easy, avoiding the hassle of selling yourself with strangers coming to your door.
  • Donor gets rid of a car they don’t want and gets the chance to help others because it feels good!

Helping People Help Charities Since 1997

Cessna Skymaster given for charity donation

1968 Cessna Skymaster Donated to Charity

This beautiful airplane is a 1968 Cessna Skymaster located in Odessa Texas. It was donated to one of our partner charities in late spring of last year, the owner no longer needed it. This was the first time we’ve had a plane donated to us. It was a little daunting at...
Donated 1952 Daimler classic car

Recent Unique Vehicle Donations

We occasionally have the pleasure of handling specialty vehicles that are donated. We are usually able to do different handlings to not only bring a very good price for the charity as well as a tidy tax savings for the donor which is what we have strived for with...
car donated to senior citizens' organization

Accura Donated to Organization Helping Senior Citizens

This 1999 Acura TL was just donated to one of our charity clients in Los Angeles. The owner was moving overseas and no longer had a need for it. This charity also takes a lot of donations from seniors who no longer able to drive. These donations are enormously helpful...
1998 landrover discovery recently donated

1998 Land Rover Discovery

Here is a picture of a recently donated 1998 Land Rover Discovery. It was donated to a Buddhist Church in Southern California. It was in need of repairs, but overall in good condition. The money the church will receive from the sale will help them to further their...
Classic car donated for charity

1951 De Soto Charity Donation

This 1951 Desoto is in beautiful condition inside and out, but it was not running. We replaced the starter, did repairs to the ignition and cooling systems and will be repairing the brakes. This will be a very nice car for someone's collection when repairs are...
Another donation for charity -- white prius

Donated White Prius

This 2005 Toyota Prius was just donated and will soon be turned into cash for one of our charity clients. This donation came from someone visiting our website. The donor didn't mind which charity the money goes to so we are choosing one. We take a lot of donated cars...