Helping People Help Charities Since 1997

If you have a specific charity in mind, please let us know! Below are some of the charities we work with. Harold Beach Owner and Founder
The Way To Happiness International
JEMS Ministry
Orange County Buddhist Church
Japanese American Cultural & Community Center
The Pablove Foundation
Senshin Buddhist Temple
Citizens Commission on Human Rights Florida (CCHR)
Southern Alameda County Buddhist Church
Kimochi Inc.
Heaven On Earth Society For Animals
Little Tokyo Service Center
Pinellas Sheriff’s Police Athletic League
Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization
Orange County Japanese American Association
Gardena Valley Japanese Cultural Institute
Japanese American National Museum
Labrador Rescuers
Community Learning Center
Go For Broke National Education Center
Gardena Valley Baptist Church
Koreatown Youth and Community Center
Long Beach Buddhist Church
Okinawa Association of America
Palo Alto Buddhist Temple
Buddhist Church of Sacramento
Venice Japanese Community Center
Los Angeles Hompa Hongwanji Buddhist Temple(本派本願寺羅府別院)
Pasadena Buddhist Temple
Estrella del Mar de Los Angeles
Estrella Del Mar De Los Angeles - REGIS HOUSE COMMUNITY CENTER
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Nahana Studio
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Nahana Studio
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