Labrador Rescuers

labrador rescuers charity organizationWe are so thrilled to announce that we’ve recently partnered up with Labrador Rescuers! This wonderful charity is devoted to some of the greatest creatures we get to share this planet with; labradors. Their main focus is on the rehabilitation and betterment of the dogs. They work especially with dogs who have been abandoned, and strays they pull from high kill shelters and facilities. They’re not only devoted to getting them back to full health but they make sure that every single dog they rescue ends up with a good new home! This is a charity that’s close to our heart, dogs are a man’s best friend after all.

Not to mention that their group is run by volunteers only right now! The dedication that they have is admirable and deserves support. They really do care about making sure that the new home and owners and dog(s) will mesh well and go above and beyond to ensure that takes place. In their own words, “We also pride ourselves on working carefully to get to know our dogs and our adoptive families so that we can mesh together a pairing that meets the needs of everyone.”

This charity and all the charities that we partner and work with are so awesome. We work with all different kinds of charities, which makes it quite fun and all the more rewarding! Getting to give back to all different sorts of people and yes, even our favorite furry- four legged friends is such a blessing.

helping labradors

When you choose to donate your car, boat, plane, motorcycle, RV, etc. through Harold’s Car Donation Service, you get to choose which charity you’d like to donate to! We have all of them listed on our website under “Charities” at the top of the page! Feel free to check them all out and see which one hits home for you. We provide their names, a small synopsis of the work that they do and a link to their websites.

There truly isn’t a better feeling than knowing you’ve helped someone. Doing that and getting rid of an old auto that hasn’t seen the light of day in ages (or one you just don’t need anymore), in one go.

Not forgetting the fact that you also get a pretty sweet reward in the form of a tax deduction, I mean it’s a win- win all around! Making sure everyone gets to win is what we do and we love to do.

So when it is time to get rid of that old car, give us a call!