Should I junk my car or donate it?

Should I just junk or donate my car for charity?

This is a question that many people may have asked without finding a sincere and accurate answer. Well, I hope with these short lines I will be able to give you a sincere and accurate answer.

When my son turned 18 years old I was very excited as my little boy wasn’t a little kid anymore, he was becoming a man. It was even better when we were on the busy freeways in LA that I was having this young man driving me to work and other places. But it wasn’t’ too great when he started using my car to go out nights and weekends and I started to feel I wanted him to be little again… Not long after, I found a solution and it was to help him to buy a car. As a single mom and not expert at all in the used car business and my young son either, we started to look to buy a used car… After few days we found a very cheap car that was sold to us like “in perfect condition” (not a very honest statement from the car seller), but we happily bought the car. I was having my freedom back! I had my car and my young son was having his own car… Well, few weeks later, while he was on the 2 Freeway the car suddenly stopped and that was the end of his first car. We had to pay for a towing company to bring the car home (insurance only covered few miles of towing) and we sold this junk car for $100.00. I was literally in tears, after expending few thousand dollars in a car and have back only $100, which –on the top of my upset- it counts as income for me! What a great deal! I didn’t know I had the option to DONATE it for a good cause and I would be mitigated my upset, but also it would give me $500 as deductible from my income tax as it is approved by the IRS!

So, here is the moral of a fable from my story: DONATE your junk car for a Good Cause and get $500 deductible from your income tax. At the end you are making more money than just getting few dollars in cash.

True Story!

By the way, we also accept great cars and even wrecks! Cars can be located in most parts of the US. Did your car fail a smog check? Best solution, donate it! Missing title? We can help! Hate the thought of going through the hassle of selling your car? This would be a great solution for you.

We do our best to get you the most tax deduction for your donation, plus the satisfaction of helping others. We handle all DMV paperwork.

So, when it comes time to get rid of that car, we are here to help.