Is It Worth It To Donate Your Car?

is it really worth donating my vehicle?

When asking the question, “is it worth it to donate my car.” You kind of have to sit back and look at it for two different perspectives. The first one being morally. How is donating your car going to make you feel? I guess to really answer that question you have to look at what would make it worth it.

When you donate your car, it gets looked at, after that Harold often sends it out for repairs. He’s worked with cars for over 35 years now and knows what has to get done to be able have it get sold at the highest price possible. Once the car is ready it then gets sold, the proceeds then go straight to the charity of your choosing (if you have no specific charity in mind we can always choose one for you.) Whatever price the car ends up getting sold for ends up being the tax deduction you receive. That’s why Harold oversees all the maintenance on the car and try’s his best to raise the value as much as possible. He wants to assure you and the charity get back as much as possible. If your car originally was valued at $500 and after being fixed ends up selling for $700 $800 $1000, your tax deduction will be matched. Even if it only gets sold at $350 your tax deductible will be $500! Isn’t that awesome? It’s a win-win for you as a donor!

We accept all kinds of cars too! If you have a junk car, it can be more of a hassle than anything to get rid of it, but we take care of everything. So not only do you get to get rid of that old car you’ve found no use for in years. No stress, no mess. We believe generating the best product possible whilst making sure our donors and charities are taken care of and worry free!

Knowing you’ve helped a deserving charity be able to do a little more good, is a great feeling. We work with a lot of very good, honest, hard working charities who are deserving of all the help in the world. You can look at the list we have online anytime at