Donated White Prius
This donation came from someone visiting our website. The donor didn’t mind which charity the money goes to so we are choosing one. We take a lot of donated cars with mechanical problems which was the case with this one.
1951 De Soto Charity Donation
This 1951 Desoto is in beautiful condition inside and out, but it was not running.
1998 Land Rover Discovery
It was donated to a Buddhist Church in Southern California. It was in need of repairs, but overall in good condition. The money the church will receive from the sale will help them to further their good works into the community.
Acura Donated to Organization Helping Senior Citizens
This 1999 Acura TL was just donated to one of our charity clients in Los Angeles. The owner was moving overseas and no longer had a need for it
Recent Unique Vehicle Donations
We occasionally have the pleasure of handling specialty vehicles that are donated. We are usually able to do different handlings to not only bring a very good price for the charity as well as a tidy tax savings for the donor which is what we have strived for with every donated vehicle since our beginning in 1997.
1968 Cessna Skymaster Donated to Charity
This beautiful airplane is a 1968 Cessna Skymaster located in Odessa Texas. It was donated to one of our partner charities in late spring of last year, the owner no longer needed it
Design by 
Nahana Studio
Design by 
Nahana Studio
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