1968 Cessna Skymaster Donated to Charity

This beautiful airplane is a 1968 Cessna Skymaster located in Odessa Texas. It was donated to one of our partner charities in late spring of last year, the owner no longer needed it. This was the first time we’ve had a plane donated to us. It was a little daunting at first, I’m not going to lie but we were excited and ready to take it on!

At the time that it was donated the airplane hadn’t been flown in over two years, and needless to say it wasn’t anywhere near flying standards. The man who donated the plane to us wanted a market value tax deduction but since the airplane wasn’t in working condition it wasn’t going to be a possibility. But regardless, we wanted to do whatever possible to make that happen for him.

So, we put our heads together and decided to find a suitable mechanic to take a look at the airplane and help us get it back in shape. There were doubts about if or not this beautiful airplane would be able to be fully restored but we weren’t going to give up until we tried everything and anything to get the airplane back in perfect condition to fly again, settling for nothing less. After a few months, a couple set backs, persistence and a lot of hard work, the plane was finally back in perfect flying condition!

Having the airplane become fully functional once more allowed the donor to get a tax deduction at market value whilst also bringing more money to the charity the airplane was donated to! Having never sold an airplane before we were so overwhelmingly excited and proud to be able to guarantee everyone’s happiness! Not to mention that on top of all that, the buyer decided to use his new airplane to help other charities! The donor was satisfied, the buyer overjoyed and our partner charity was very happy. Needless to say we were very content with a job well done!

Our usual line of business is handling vehicle donations. But we are open to handling just about anything, from real estate to bull dozers or what ever. We have access to hundreds of facilities across the US and Hawaii, which means we can donated vehicles in just about anywhere in the US!

Got an old car taking up space and is costing you money? Why not donate it to your favorite cause!

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