Recent Unique Vehicle Donations

We occasionally have the pleasure of handling specialty vehicles that are donated. We are usually able to do different handlings to not only bring a very good price for the charity as well as a tidy tax savings for the donor which is what we have strived for with every donated vehicle since our beginning in 1997.

Here is a photo of a 1952 Daimler, donated to one of our charity clients. It needed little more than a new battery, minor repairs and a good detailing to get it back into great condition.

Here is a photo of a Cessna Skymaster located in Texas we are currently handling. Repairs are being done to make it air-worthy at which point it will be sold. This is a unique airplane in that it has an engine in the front to pull it through the air as well as a second engine in the rear which pushes it along, plus it has a split fuselage. The military has used this plane a lot in the past since the wings are overhead which allows visibility of the ground. It is also getting a bit rare and desirable to collectors.

And here is a photo of a Datsun 240Z which had been parked at an outdoor storage facility for many years. Rather than selling it in its current state for very little which would have normally been done with such a donation, we had the car picked up and performed various repairs to make it operational in addition to a full detailing. The car sold for $4,700 once renovations were complete. The donor was quite pleased with his tax deduction and the charity received a nice check to help support their programs.

Occasionally we handle donated cars which are only a few years old and have extraordinarily low miles. We are always able to do extremely well on these, giving a nice paycheck to the charity and a very rewarding tax deduction to the donor. Low mileage cars are very much in demand which is why we are able to do so well with them.

We can handle donated vehicles located in most parts of the U.S. Running, not running, even wrecks are welcome.


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Nahana Studio
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