Donating a Car is Easy!
Free Towing and all DMV paperwork handled by us at no charge.
We are authorized by the California Attorney General and the State of Florida to handle donated vehicles and have the required insurance bonds. All required IRS forms and DMV paperwork is handled by us.


Call or email us to arrange pickup.

We arrange towing, always free to you.

We handle all DMV paperwork at time of pickup including.
Release of Liability.

Your car gets evaluated to determine if repairs will be cost-effective. Improvements to your vehicle resulting in increased value and higher selling price also benefits you with a higher tax deduction (sometimes more than triple) as allowed by the IRS.

Most cars receive full-detailing which increases eye-appeal and selling price.

After car is sold, your tax forms arrive by mail.

You get rid of an unwanted car and the satisfaction of helping
others, and you pay less income tax.
Everyone wins!

Let Harold Take Care
When you have Harold’s Car Donation handle your car, truck, van, RV or other vehicle donation, we will handle everything from start to finish, from FREE Towing of your vehicle to ensuring ALL DMV paperwork is properly filed and handled, getting you the most out of your donation.

Your tax deduction is the price at which the car or vehicle sells. So if we fix it and it sells for a higher price than the originally assessed price, then both you and the charity win!

A lot of people when they first hear of Harold’s Car Donation are very interested but all have one common question.“How do I donate my car?” Good question

Harold began his car donation company twenty years ago, in 1997, in sunny California. Over the years Harold has made close business relationships with some of the best people in the car industry. His extensive knowledge of cars mixed with his love of cars makes him always eager and dedicated to deliver the best product possible. Now, with offices in Florida as well, he’s expanding his connections and making sure that’s only all the more true! But you don’t have to be in California or Florida to donate your car! We accept donations from all over the US! And we continue to service California with the same high standards.

To answer your original question, you call us. Talk to us about your car or whatever vehicle you’re looking to donate! Yes, that’s right we also accept bikes, (airplanes and boats! If it can get you from one place to another, we’re more than interested!) When you call you’ll usually end up talking to Harold directly. He likes to be involved from start to finish. His hands-on approach helps guarantee the best results! He’ll ask you a little bit about your car, and occasionally have you send pictures; all of this is so he can start planning what he’s going to need to do to raise the value on the car. From the second you call he’s trying to ensure a great tax deductible for you and a donation for the charity you’ve chosen. After you’ve talked to Harold he organizes someone to transport your car! From there it gets taken to a shop, assessed and often fixed up if cost-effective. After that it heads to be sold and next thing you know a worthy charity is being handed a check and you’ve earned yourself a nice tax-deduction too!

Getting rid of an old car can be a hassle, something none of us really want to deal with. Having someone you can trust to handle things for you is a good feeling. Having someone who has 35+ years of experience with cars working to make sure your car gets sold for the highest value possible is a comfortable feeling; we like feeling comfortable and at ease and work to make sure our donors and charities always feel that way! So donate your car and let us take care of the rest!

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