When you donate your car through Harold’s Car Donation Service, we take care of everything for you. Even if it’s a car that’s old, beaten down and more trouble than it’s worth to you. We’ll take it, get it checked out and fixed up if cost-effective, raising the value as much as possible.

Harold is very passionate about not only cars, the maintenance and car of them but making sure that he can deliver the best product possible, making everyone happy. You, the donor, the charity and the buyer! All of us here have a fire for a job well done!

Donating your car is such a humble route to take and we want to make sure that you see the good it does and walk away feeling rewarded morally and financially!

Once you’ve donated your car so graciously, picked the charity you’d like to donate to and we’ve raised the value if possible; it goes to be sold. Let’s say your car was originally valued at $300, after we’re done with it we can sometimes raise that by $100, $200, $400 or more. If your car ends up being sold for $1000 your tax deduction is going to be $1000! $1000 less of your hard earned cash that you won’t have to account for at the end of the year! Alternatively if your car sells for $400 or even $300, your tax deduction will be $500! We know that money is a necessity to live and something we all work hard for just so we can provide for ourselves and our families.

Which is why you might wonder if donating your car might not be completely worth it but we can assure you it is! A perk of having us take care of fixing the car up for you and selling it is that you don’t have to deal with phone calls from strangers, awkward interactions, having them come to you to see the car, etc,. Nor the costs of fixing up your car! We take care of all of that for you, because let’s be honest, you have a lot of other things you need to be doing without adding the nuisance of selling your car into the mix!

That’s why it’s our job, a job we love! 🙂