Charities depend on support from giving people like you for their survival and ability to help their communities.There are various charities that we help to accomplish the purpose of helping charities help the community. One Charity supplies crutches and wheel chairs to those in need. Plus housing and activities to participate in that they otherwise may not had the chance. Another Charity provides housing and community programs for the elderly. Some Charities are museums whose purpose is to preserve the heritage of their cultures. And another Charity helps clean up environmental disasters around the world. There are also churches of various denominations that you can help.

Our purpose is helping people help charities by giving you a choice of which Charity you wish to support. You get the satisfaction of helping others and at the same time quickly and easily get rid of a car or other vehicle you no longer want.The condition of your vehicle is of little importance and you get rewarded with a tax deduction.

Did your car fail a smog check? You can get rid of that problem by donating it to Charity. Is your vehicle broken down? Or wrecked? No Problem. Those are welcome also.

Smog check? Broken down?

Did your car fail a smog check? You can get rid of that problem by donating it to Charity.

Is your vehicle broken down? Donating your car for a tax deduction-wreck? No Problem. Those are welcome also.

Cars that need repairs often receive special handling.

We get Top Dollar for junk cars

With our extensive experience in the car repair industry, we can quickly determine if we can increase the value of a vehicle by repairing it. Most cars also receive a full detail job, which makes them look their best which also attracts more interested buyers which drives up selling prices. So your charity gets more money, and you the donor get a higher tax deduction which is allowable by the IRS.

The Difference

We do our best to handle your donated vehicle in the most profitable way possible.

Car donations have been our specialty since 1997. And we’re able to handle donated vehicles in most parts of the US and Hawaii. Twenty five years experience in the car repair business has proven a big asset to both Charities and Donors.

We are authorized by the California Attorney General and the state if Florida to handle donated vehicles and have the required insurance bonds. All required IRS forms and DMV paperwork is handled by us.

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Nahana Studio
Design by 
Nahana Studio
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